BRICS countries are setting up their own system of banks, a process that accelerated sharply after Western sanctions against Russian companies beginning in 2022.
However, BRICS on the whole still enjoy large trading surpluses of USD and Euro. They need to buy and sell using these currencies, but without the risk of having their assets frozen or even monitored by US and EU banking regulators.


Tether is a cryptocurrency stablecoin, which means that its value does not fluctuate wildly in trading markets, as do Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its value is pegged to US Dollars, which are held in custody at Tether's primary bank in Hong Kong. BRICS countries now regularly useTether to make large trades, such as in crude oil and metals. This allows the traders to do business quickly--in only minutes--with transaction costs that are a fraction of using traditional banks. Most important, funds are never exposed to the SWIFT financial system, and therefore subject to being frozen or seized.

泰達幣是一種加密貨幣穩定幣,這意味著(zhù)它的價(jià)值不像比特幣和以太坊那樣在交易市場(chǎng)上波動(dòng)劇烈。它的價(jià)值與美元掛鉤,而美元則由泰達幣在香港的主要銀行托管。金磚國家現在經(jīng)常使用泰達幣進(jìn)行大宗交易,比如原油和金屬交易。這使得交易者能夠快速進(jìn)行交易——僅需幾分鐘——交易成本只是使用傳統銀行的一小部分。最重要的是,資金永遠不會(huì )暴露在SWIFT金融系統下,因此也不會(huì )受到凍結或扣押的影響。