Anupam Kumar
What disgusts you?


This guy is barely 18, works 10 hours a day and gets paid around 300 Indian Rupees.
I went on a site visit; he didn’t look very happy so I decided to have a little chat with him. Offered him some water and sweets, and asked him to sit and tell me about himself. I’m going to tell you everything he told me in his own words.


“I belong to the lowest of all castes in Hindu religion, my ancestors and I have been treated like obxts. We were beaten by upper castes just so they could enjoy seeing us cry and prove their dominance. My mother was asked to take her clothes off in front of my father. My father begged them and was asked to lick their spit off the ground if he wanted my mother to survive.
My father later decided to go against the upper castes and went to look for official help from the police. The police informed the upper castes that my father was seeking to file a report against them.

“我屬于印度教所有種姓中最低的一個(gè),我和我的祖先一直被當作物體對待。我們被上層種姓毆打,只是因為他們喜歡看到我們哭泣,并證明他們的統治地位。我母親被要求在我父親面前脫下衣服。我父親懇求他們,他們說(shuō)如果想讓我母親活下來(lái),就舔掉地上的唾沫?!?br /> 我父親后來(lái)決定反抗上層種姓,并向警方尋求官方幫助。警方通知上層種姓,我父親正試圖對他們提起訴訟。

No report was filed and my father was shot dead the same night. No investigation was done; my father’s murder was declared an accident and we did not get his body to do the rituals.
My mother used to work as a cleaner in the railway station and I have been working as a labour since I was 9. When we accepted our fate and decided not to do anything against them, since it was just my mother and I surviving in the family, and were dependent on one and other.
About a year after my father’s death, the three sons of the same upper caste family went to the railway station where my mother worked and beat her to death with hockey sticks and iron rods. They were aged between 17 and 19. I was left all alone. I moved to another state and have been trying to stay alive ever since.”


I kept a lot of things undisclosed due to obvious reasons. I tried putting myself in his shoes and thought to myself about all the times when I thought things could have be any worse.
It’s really sad to see that human beings are still being treated on the basis of the caste they were born in, something they couldn’t choose and can’t change.

由于顯而易見(jiàn)的原因,我隱瞞了很多事情。我試著(zhù)代入他的處境,如果是發(fā)生在我身上,事情可能會(huì )變得更糟糕。