Vietnam and the Philippines are in a race to elevate their infrastructure, directly impacting the quality of life and internet accessibility for their citizens. While the Philippines has unveiled 197 new projects under the Marcos administration, aiming to revamp transport, utilities, and sanitation, Vietnam isn't far behind, with plans to enhance its vast transport network and introduce nine new railway routes by 2030.

越南和菲律賓正在競相提升其基礎設施,直接影響其公民的生活質(zhì)量和互聯(lián)網(wǎng)可訪(fǎng)問(wèn)性。雖然菲律賓在馬科斯政府領(lǐng)導下公布了197個(gè)新項目,旨在改造交通,公用事業(yè)和衛生設施,但越南也不甘落后,計劃加強其龐大的交通網(wǎng)絡(luò ),并在2030年前引入9條新的鐵路線(xiàn)。

Transport Insights:
- The Philippines shines with its ambitious North-South Commuter Railway projects and the forthcoming Metro Manila Subway, promising to transform the daily commute.
- Vietnam, despite its outdated rail system, is on the brink of a railway revolution. Its extensive plans include a significant Hanoi to HCMC route.
- Air travel in both nations is set for a major overhaul, with the Philippines and Vietnam expanding their airport capacities to accommodate the passenger surge.

- 菲律賓以其雄心勃勃的南北通勤鐵路項目和即將建成的大馬尼拉地鐵而大放異彩,有望改變日常通勤。
- 盡管越南的鐵路系統已經(jīng)過(guò)時(shí),但它正處于鐵路革命的邊緣。其廣泛的計劃包括一個(gè)重要的河內胡志明市路線(xiàn)。
- 這兩個(gè)國家的航空旅行都將進(jìn)行重大改革,菲律賓和越南擴大了機場(chǎng)容量,以適應旅客激增。

Digital Transformation:
- The Philippines gears up for a digital revolution, with investments soaring in data hosting and processing, driven by the e-commerce boom.
- Vietnam boasts one of the most affordable internet services globally, laying a solid foundation for widespread digital access and utility.

- 菲律賓正在為數字革命做準備,在電子商務(wù)繁榮的推動(dòng)下,數據托管和處理方面的投資飆升。
- 越南擁有全球最實(shí)惠的互聯(lián)網(wǎng)服務(wù)之一,為廣泛的數字接入和公用事業(yè)奠定了堅實(shí)的基礎。

Energy and Sustainability:
- Vietnam achieves a milestone with universal electricity access, majorly through hydropower, while the Philippines leans on geothermal sources but heavily relies on coal for electricity production.

- 越南實(shí)現了普遍電力接入的里程碑,主要是通過(guò)水電,而菲律賓依賴(lài)地熱資源,但嚴重依賴(lài)煤炭發(fā)電。

原創(chuàng )翻譯:龍騰網(wǎng) 轉載請注明出處

Water and Sanitation Challenges:
- Both countries face significant challenges in providing safe water and sanitation, with the Philippines struggling to ensure access for over half of its households and Vietnam working to eliminate disparities between urban and rural areas.
- Who takes the lead in this infrastructure showdown? Vietnam's detailed planning and existing networks give it an edge, but the Philippines' rapid development and investment in digital infrastructure signal a competitive race.

- 這兩個(gè)國家在提供安全用水和衛生設施方面都面臨著(zhù)重大挑戰,菲律賓努力確保一半以上的家庭獲得安全用水和衛生設施,越南則努力消除城鄉差距。
- 誰(shuí)在這場(chǎng)基礎設施攤牌中領(lǐng)先?越南的詳細規劃和現有網(wǎng)絡(luò )給予優(yōu)勢,但菲律賓在數字基礎設施方面的快速發(fā)展和投資標志著(zhù)一場(chǎng)競爭。