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No, wontons are not dumplings
Wonton is the English transliteration of a Chinese word, which is pronounced "Hundun" in Chinese. It is a food wrapped in a thin dough, usually cooked by boiling or frying. Wonton is mainly popular in southern China.
Becuse the skin of wontons is very thin, it requires a very experienced chef to make them and is difficult for ordinary people to complete. So today's wontons are usually made with factory-prepared thin dough. The dough used for wontons is square, with a side length of about 10CM.
The filling of wontons is relatively simple, usually some kind of meat (pork, beef, shrimp)
Hundun has different names in different parts of China. He is also called Chaoshou and Yuntun and Bianshi. Chinese people think there are subtle differences between them, but as a foreigner, I think they are essentially the same thing.
Dumplings is not a Chinese word, but an English word. It has no exact corresponding vocabulary in Chinese. There is a food called "Chinese dumplings" and its Chinese name is "Jiaozi"
Jiaozi is similar to wontons, but also different. Dumplings are mainly a food from northern China. They use thicker dough and can be made by hand by ordinary people.
Jiaozi wrappers are usually round
The methods of cooking jiaozi mainly include boiling, steaming and frying.
The fillings of Jiaozi are more complicated. The fillings of dumplings are usually a mixture of vegetables and meat. At least I have seen more than 20 kinds of fillings, and people are still creating more types.
If you're on a diet, the better of the two foods for you is ravioli, which contains less flour, which means fewer carbs and fewer calories.

“Dumpling”不是中文單詞,而是英文單詞。在中文中沒有確切對應的詞匯。有一種食物叫做“Chinese dumplings”,它的中文名字是“Jiaozi”。