插圖:亞馬遜生鮮店的“Just Walk Out”宣傳。

Amazon is giving up on the cashier-less "Just Walk Out" technology at its Amazon Fresh grocery stores. The Information reports that new stores will be built without computer-vision-powered surveillance technology, and "the majority" of existing stores will have the tech removed. In the early days, Amazon's ambitions included selling Just Walk Out to other brick-and-mortar stores. The problem was that the technology never really worked.

亞馬遜公司正在放棄在其生鮮門店內使用無收銀臺模式的“Just Walk Out”(拿了就走)技術。據《The Information》報道,接下來即將建成的店鋪后續將不再使用計算機視覺監控技術,“絕大多數”已經采用此技術的現有門店也將取消這項技術。早期,亞馬遜公司曾有向其他實體店出售“Just Walk Out”技術的野心??蓡栴}是,這項技術實際上從未真正發揮作用。

As it says on the tin, Just Walk Out was supposed to let customers grab what they wanted from a store and just leave, skipping any kind of checkout process. Amazon wanted to track what customers took with them purely via AI-powered video surveillance; the system just took a phone scan at the door, and shoppers would be billed later via their Amazon accounts.

正如其包裝盒上寫的那樣,“Just Walk Out”本應讓顧客在商店里拿上想要的東西就走,而無需任何結賬程序。亞馬遜希望純粹通過人工智能驅動的視頻監控技術來追蹤顧客帶走了什么;系統只需在門口進行手機掃描,購物者隨后就會通過亞馬遜賬戶收到賬單。

When the technology was announced in 2016, Amazon's sales pitch asked, "What if we could weave the most advanced machine learning, computer vision, and AI into the very fabric of a store so you never had to wait in line?" The store was filled with 100-plus cameras and rigid item locations, all designed to try to make AI-powered computer vision checkout possible.


A May 2023 report from The Information revealed the myriad tech problems Amazon was still having with the idea six years after the initial announcement. The report said that "Amazon had more than 1,000 people in India working on Just Walk Out as of mid-2022 whose jobs included manually reviewing transactions and labeling images from videos to train Just Walk Out’s machine learning model."

2023年5月,《The Information》的一篇報道揭示了亞馬遜在最初宣布這一想法的六年后仍然面臨無數的技術問題。報道稱,“截至2022年年中,亞馬遜雇傭了1000多的印度人為Just Walk Out項目工作,他們的工作包括人工審核交易和標注視頻中的圖像,以訓練Just Walk Out的機器學習模型”。

Training is part of any AI project, but it sounds like Amazon wasn't making much progress, even after years of working on the project. "As of mid-2022, Just Walk Out required about 700 human reviews per 1,000 sales, far above an internal target of reducing the number of reviews to between 20 and 50 per 1,000 sales," the report said.

培訓是任何人工智能項目的一部分,但聽起來亞馬遜似乎并沒有取得多大進展,即使在該項目進行了多年之后。報告稱:“截至2022年年中,Just Walk Out項目每千次銷售仍然需要約700次人工審核,遠遠超出了將審核數量減少到每千次銷售20至50次審核的內部目標?!?/b>

The report said Amazon's team "repeatedly missed goals" to cut down on human reviews, and "the reliance on backup humans explains in part why it can take hours for customers to receive receipts."


According to The Information report, the Just Walk Out tech was deployed in 20 Amazon Go stores, 40 Amazon Fresh grocery stores, and two Whole Foods stores. It had even gotten some third-party outlets on board, including "30 stores operated by other companies in US sports stadiums, 12 airports, and one university in Arlington, Virginia," the report said.

根據The Information的報道,Just Walk Out技術已部署在20家Amazon Go商店(無人便利店)、40家Amazon Fresh生鮮超市和兩家Whole Foods商店(全食超市,銷售天然食品和有機食品)。報道稱,它甚至還讓一些第三方門店加入進來,包括“美國體育場館中由其他公司運營的30家商店、12個機場和弗吉尼亞州阿靈頓的一所大學”。

Amazon will be switching to a more reasonable cashier-less format: shopping carts with built-in checkout screens and scanners. Customers can leisurely scan items as they throw them in the "Amazon Dash Cart," and the screen will let them instantly see a running total of their purchases. The cart scanners also mean that Amazon no longer needs a small army of store employees to constantly tidy up the shelves so the camera-vision system can work.


Amazon sent along a statement on the news:


We’ve invested a lot of time redesigning a number of our Amazon Fresh stores over the last year, offering a better overall shopping experience with more value, convenience, and sextion—and so far we’ve seen positive results, with higher customer shopping satisfaction scores and increased purchasing. We’ve also heard from customers that while they enjoyed the benefit of skipping the checkout line with Just Walk Out, they also wanted the ability to easily find nearby products and deals, view their receipt as they shop, and know how much money they saved while shopping throughout the store. To deliver even more convenience to our customers, we’re rolling out Amazon Dash Cart, our smart-shopping carts, which allows customers all these benefits including skipping the checkout line.

“去年,我們投入了大量時間重新設計了亞馬遜生鮮的一些店鋪,提供了更有價值、更方便、更多樣性的、更好的整體購物體驗--到目前為止,我們已經看到了積極的成果,顧客的購物滿意度得分提高了,購買量也增加了。我們還從顧客那里了解到,雖然他們喜歡Just Walk Out帶來的省去排隊結賬的好處,但他們也希望能夠輕松找到附近的產品和優惠,在購物時查看收據,并了解自己在整個商店購物時節省了多少錢。為了給顧客帶來更多便利,我們推出了亞馬遜Dash Cart智能購物車,讓顧客享受到包括跳過結賬排隊在內的所有這些好處?!?br />
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